woensdag 15 februari 2012


Found some more stuff.
Nothings high-res, I'll try and dig those up soon. 

The first one is a race flown by fast jets in a huge stadium. I think the composition kind of kills the environment, making it hard to see its supposed to be a giant round track which they're flying over...

Anyway, spent a bit more effort in the colors then I normally would and really like the final result. Something I should invest more time in I think... 

Race - Felix van den Bergh - 2011

The next two were done for Lost Hope, one depicting a APC in the rain, the other a beach landing by heli.

Lost Hope - Felix van den Bergh - 2011
Lost Hope - Felix van den Bergh - 2011

Aliens <3

Aliens Med-Lab - Felix van den Bergh - 2011

More stuff soon! Laters...

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